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French Tea Towels

Oh, those ingenious French! Kitchen towels, dish towels, tea towels—all the same, just different names. But in France, tea towels have a special tradition. As with so many other mundane items, the French have raised kitchen towels to an art form. These beautiful examples, look as if they should be framed—and often are. Each group celebrates an aspect of French life, geography, or history in glorious color. Drying dishes, wrapping a bottle of wine, lining a tray or picnic basket, brightening a kitchen wall—they make wonderful gifts. Fun to pick by group, subject matter, or color.

Tea towels measure approximately 21" x 29", and the prices range from $19 - $22.

Tissage Moutet Tea Towels
Tissage Moutet Tea Towels
These beautiful examples, woven on jacquard looms, look as if they should be framed--and often are.