New Arrivals


Espadrilles, espadrilles, espadrilles. Some things are just so fundamentally right that their popularity goes on year after year. This is true of espadrilles. Oh, there can be some changes: adding ribbons to wrap around the ankles or calves, adding wedges or heels, making them in leather, or changing the pattern of the fabric. But the basic espadrille remains: the comfy canvas shoe with the rope trim—lightweight, easy to slip on and off, great just about anywhere in the summer (except for the most formal or business-like occasions).

 And who does them better than anyone? The French, of course. You’ll find lots of espadrilles from China and from Spain, but the quality will be far inferior.
We’ve said before that everyone from Picasso to Bardot, Coco Chanel to Cary Grant wore espadrilles. Today’s celebs are equally as fond of these comfortable shoes. (We won’t drop names; you can google them.) So it’s Riviera bathing beauties, Pyrénées peasants, superstars, and You:
You take them out of the box, and—which is which? They’re the same, left and right. After a few days of wearing them, they’ll mold to your feet. (It might be a good idea for those first few days to notice which one you’re putting on which foot!)
Our espadrilles are still made by hand in a village high up in the Pyrénées, in French Basque country. When picking your size, just enter your American size. We use international conversion charts to determine the European equivalent. You should know that over time they will stretch somewhat, so if you are in doubt, choose smaller rather than larger. We currently have eight different patterns in stock in most sizes; check the sale page for a few older patterns with just one or two pairs left.